What is ICON international football academy?

ICON international football academy is a football course looking to develop and showcase international players, making it a brilliant opportunity for hopeful football players.

What makes us different?

We give you the whole package of living like a pro, with the most premium facilities, as opposed to staying with host families like many others.

Why come to England?

England is considered the home of football, in fact some people believe the sport originated here so where better to come? English football is fast, furious, passionate and diverse; players from over 100 nationalities have played in the Premier League. Playing here will really prepare you to play anywhere in the world.

What will I be doing?

During your time you will have a full training programme, matches against UK professional academies and clubs, as well as tickets to UK professional matches.

Away from football, we are organising many activities to provide variety, like visits to Alton Towers Resort, talks from guest speakers, visits to Oxford University and team building activities. Therefore as well as developing your football skills, you’ll be able to explore British culture too.

Who is suitable to come?

The course is available for anyone from age 18-26, and from September 2018 we will extent this to 16-26. This is the best place to come if you feel you only have one more chance to become pro, especially as we have links with clubs from Sweden and Finland and provide opportunities to go pro without an EU passport.

Who are the coaches?

The Head Coach is former Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa player, Gary Charles. He has a wealth of experience playing at the top level of the game and over 10 years of coaching that he will bring to bear in developing the players under his supervision.

What is our success rate of getting players contracts?

The academy will be launched in January 2018, but we have another academy for U.K. players in Leeds called Pathway2Pro which has been running for 18 months, and we’ve already had 4 players scouted to professional clubs. Most recently Rodrigo "Pato" Britto De Toledo from Academy Team Juventus IF, Icon's Swedish partner, signed at professional club Arameisk-Syrianska.

What considerations do you need to make before living in the UK?

Language – we provide a full language education programme for 10 hours per week.

Insurance – this is also covered in the cost.

Visas – we will facilitate the Visa application process.

What is life like in the UK?

Despite being a tiny island, there is so much to discover and explore in the UK, from beautiful scenery in places like Cornwall and Scotland to an unmatchable night life in London.

Many foreigners view British people as very civilised, where values and politeness are important. Furthermore they love the freedom that the country provides and appreciate how everyone is treated fairly.

The UK is rich in history which is celebrated widely through all the museums and the range of impressive sights from Stonehenge to numerous castles. The royal family are in many peoples hearts and there are many events to celebrate this, from the changing of the guard to royal weddings and diamond jubilees.

One aspect of the UK that everyone talks about is the highly unpredictable weather! Let’s say it’s never a bad idea to have an umbrella handy!

As an athlete, food will be an important aspect of you life. British cuisine incorporates food from all over the world, however there are many classic dishes such as fish and chips, full English breakfasts, Sunday roasts and shepherds pie. We will be providing you a full board meal plan as well as a nutrition plan.